After seven years and over 700 posts, I've learned that has somehow shifted out of the good part of the Internet and into the bad part. When I google "history bdsm", my site doesn't turn up on the first ten pages of search results. Obviously, this is a problem. Nobody is finding me, therefore nobody is aware of my writing, and also nobody is clicking on my ads.

I've finally taken the big leap and moved to a new site with a more SEO-friendly domain name: Thankfully, I've found it pretty easy to copy-and-paste the old posts over to the new site, and I'll soon have several hundred posts up on the new site. Eventually, will be downgraded to a free hosting plan and, sometime after that, shut down.

I'm going to put more thought into SEO, and also start a new sub-series on reading through Fifty Shades of Grey with my idiosyncratic commentary. As I mentioned before, I'm putting most of my attention into getting a draft of the book done, and therefore won't be posting detailed essays as much.

I may shift over to another host, depending on the performance of the new site. My only real hitch is that Wordpress, the CMS for the new site, has some kind of unreasoning hatred of Amazon product banners. This is the major source of ad links for my site, and I'm not sure what to do about this. I've tried many different plugins, but none seem to work. The fact that I'm using a free hosting plan that doesn't allow certain functionalities is complicating the matter.

One solid improvement over the old hosting service is that I can backup the entire site and transplant it to another hosting service if I wish.